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Festivals are classified into two Main Categories mainly for celebration -

1. One is related with the Celebration of Great incarnation of Lord and Saints.
2. Other festivals relate to the change of the season e.g. Basant Panchami, Makar Sakranti,

Through the festival we are made aware of the change in nature, so that we can live in harmony.
Holi is the festival of colours, romance and triumph of good over evil. In some Bhakti traditions such as Sufism Basant Panchmi stats the Creator and Holi celebrates the meeting of soul and creator.

The reference of Holi is found in Narda Puran, Bhavishya Puran and Jamini Purvamimansa sutra
Holi welcomes the spring and celebration of new life and energy of the season.

Holi is also known as Rang Panchami, Holikotsav, Vasant Mahotsav, Kam Mahotsav. Holi is also a tribute to mother earth for heavy provided us with food and nurturing. It is celebrated on full moon day in the Phalgun month

The legend behind celeberation of Holi -

* The most famous is the Prahalad, who was saved from burning by holika by Lord Narayan. King Hiranyakashyap was angry at his son Prahlad’s devotion to Vihnu and made several attempts to kill him but failed. Finally he decided to make prahlad sat on his sister Holika’s lap who had bestowal that Fire will not burn her.He thought in this way he will kill Prahlad and Holika would remain unharmed. Prahlad’s firm faith on God Vishnu enables him to emerge safe from terrible fire while Holika is reduced to ashes.

This story establishes the victory of positive forces over negative and inspires one to celebrate and respect positive forces in nature. Holi strong the beliefs that true devotees of God emerge safe in difficult circumstances and evil people are punished. It is not all that simple though and one needs to harbor spiritual quality for self development and emulate the attritubes of Prahalad.

* Victory over Dhundhi Ogress by children in kingdom of Prithu

* In memory of caper played by Krishana to adjust the injustice of skin colour- Radha was so fair and Krishna was so dark.Mata Yashoda suggested to splesh the colours on Radha’s face to make her complexion like Krishna.

* Lord Krishana killed Putna that day.

* In memory of reincarnation of Kamdeva - Kamdeva is considered as God of Love. He is distroyed in to ashes when he tried to disrupt Lord Shiva Penance for the Marriege with Devi Parvati on request of Indra and other Devas for the destruction of Tarkasur. This happened on the day of Holika Dahan. When Rati (wife of Kamdeva) prayed Lord Shiva, he restored him as a mental image. This story signifies the burning of carnal desires and presents spiritual state of Love rather than physical lust..

* Birthday of Chaitanya Maha Prabhu - He is a significant form of Radha and Lord Krishana combined in one

Holi Bonfire signifies devotion and knowledge which burns away the mind's impurities like egoism lust, selfishness, greed, hatred and undesirable tendencies by decomposing the Raja and Tama Particals in the atmosphare . Elemination of negative energies helps in acquiring divine attributes of Love laughter and joy through play of colours because the colors work like generators of energy.

It is also said that this bonfire destroyes the bacterias which are responsible for illness due to change in season.

We are all influenced by the different vibrations that each colour possesses.Colours represent the outward expression of our deepest emotions. Colors are manifestation of cosmic powers.
Colour attract the divine energies and activate the five elements. "The seven colors of the rainbow are associated with the seven chakras (energy centers) of our body,"
Each colour in the spectrum vibrates at its own rate and these vibrations correspond with the body's inner vibration. Each part of the body resonates to a different colour. That is the reason colours are used to harmonize vibrations and restore equilibrium. Our sages understood the importance of colour therapy many years back and incorporated it in our culture for improvement of every individual socially as well as spiritually.

Whatever is the reason and method of celebrating Holi, it is certainly a good time for introspection, a time to burn the Holika (carnal desires and impurities of the mind) hiding within to ashes through the fire of devotion and knowledge, so that we can find out the truth and finally lead to Divinity. This festival also keep the people socially linked and spread the happiness and love.

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