Saturday, March 14, 2015

Vastu Shastra For Better Prosperity

The position of the house and the things kept in different places plays an important role. The people of the house get more benefitted when the house follows vastushastra. When the house follows vastu shastra mental and physical peace is established. The people of the house can get good results from business and studies.  To not have any problems in life it is very necessary to build the house following vastu shastra. The position of the house, the direction of the plot and the interior decoration plays an important place. The rooms have been allotted a certain place in the house. Water sources and storage has to be placed in particular direction. 

If the house is built without following vastu shastra then there is no mental harmony and the health also deteriorates. North east is the best direction which gives more prosperity to the people of the house. The main entrance to the house has to be in east or north direction. If there is a wall towards north east then its height has to be lesser. If there is a wall taller towards east then the flow of prosperity is obstructed. Balcony has to be north or east of the house. The kitchen has to be towards South or east of the house.

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