Sunday, May 24, 2015

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We all live in such a time that is hard and tough. There are certain elements that becomes very important in such cases and that is why people look for these elements all over the globe. Astrology is one of those elements. The world has travelled a good deal from the ancient times to this particular time of cutting edge engineering and fast lifestyle. This fastness has brought several things in the life of people that are unbearable.

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The people of this world to manage the speed life style has suffered a good deal and lost many things in the process. From career to happiness and also from health to wealth, people have lost everything in this particular race. Jealousy has inflicted harm to good people and evil powers happen to be the main cause of devastation of one’s life. But absolutely nothing is to worry as there can be a solution to every problem that you are facing with us.

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Friday, May 1, 2015

Nepal Earthquake: Natural Disaster can also predict in Chinese Astrology

Natural catastrophe comes suddenly and washed out the living and nonliving things within some seconds. What people of Nepal have just gone through recently? An unforgettable earthquake makes it demolished into a burial ground of thousand innocent people’s deaths. A lot of the building collapsed in such a beautiful country. The People are shocked and traumatized under such an uncertain situation.
People are thinking if any astrological aspect can consider on this aspect. According to the birth chart in Chinese astrology 4 pillars of destiny are called Bazi.  It includes year, month, date and time of birth a human being. Each pillar has two parts top and bottom. So these come to 8 characters in Chinese astrology. According to Bazi, this earthquake happened for different reasons. It showed the tension wood-earth is there in this goat year. Also yang metal is on top of the soft, soggy soil, which shows the ground fall down. It was evident from the chart that earthquake can happen at any time during this year. California is also might get affected during the end of this year 2015. These codes and tools of Chinese astrology say many things which can be related in our life.

Earth often shakes when at least one of these earth signs involved like dragon, goat, dog or Ox. When any hard object comes on top of these signs it is an indication of natural disaster like an earthquake or hurricane happens.

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Right now, from all over the globe can pray for the victims of Nepal to prevail over this natural calamity and stay blessed in the coming days.