Thursday, July 16, 2015

Discover Your Auspicious #IshtaDevta

We need the blessings of the divine forces for success. Our pursuit of Dharma, Artha, #Kama and #Moksha can only succeed if we conduct the rituals prescribed by the religious texts followed for thousands of years. Let us follow the noble path of our ancestors! The worship may include the offering of substances, even the body, mind and soul to the deity. With the divine blessings, we stand great chances of success in the earthly life.

Among the many gods we worship, the ishta devta finder studies your horoscope and reveals which deity you should worship. We would analyse your #horoscope and determine the #ishtadevta that you can confidently #worship for success in all matters.

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

A seat to exercise the ancient Vedic astrology to get a sublime life

India is the abode of spirituality and beliefs. Ancient Indians searched for the souls and penetrated deep underneath the skin of men in search of the ultimate question of man’s existence. The same legacy has been passed on from generation to generations till date and the astrology is a great science of the stars and their get up that control the limbs of men to a great extent.
  • The ancient Indian knowledge reveals that there is a direct coherence between the motions of the planets, stars with the respective situations and the fate and work of a man.
  • They had grouped several cases that are till date ordained as the best of astrological device.
  • There are 12 zodiac signs that reside as per the planetary basis.
  • They are respectively adjusted in 2 month structure of the year as if each month is a room for a sign.
  • Depending on the respective zodiac sign and the time and space details the fate of a person is detected. The Jyotish and Indian vedic astrology the able astrologer sites the remedies to the problems of life and chronicles with the help of the details of the stars.
The good shops sell the rudrakshas and the stones to cite for the cure of the planet induced ill fate. The great astrology houses chant the mantras and use the Tantra to bring about the correct changes. They use the positive aura of the Vedic Shastra and utter the sacred and sublime slokas. They perform the satvik, rajashik or tamaskhik rites as per the requirement and bring about the desired change in life. The payments of these services are meager amounts. Thus, all and sundry can seek the institution and have a resolution.