Friday, November 20, 2015

Practice Divine Rituals To Ensure Happiness

Astro Prediction and solution blesses us with hope to overcome misfortune and lead a happy life free from fear and misery. Only the most dedicated and accomplished scholars can successfully predict life events that concern the individual or family, town or country in spheres like health, marriage, professional life, finance or politics.  Besides the training that may take many years, a clever instinct is often responsible for valid predictions. Since the many ages old Vedas identify the auspicious or malefic influences of cosmic forces like the planets, appropriate solutions could be practiced so as to escape the evil influence.
The karma theory makes a lot of sense even scientifically in terms of cause and effect. Past lives influence present lives and the present influences future lives. Nine planets affect destiny either in beneficial or harmful ways in terms of energy, good or evil. Can we not modify the karma? Remedial action includes chanting of prayers, fasting on auspicious days, the wearing of amulets or gemstones and some others. Many of us do believe in Astro Prediction and solution since generations of our ancestors believed too and practiced remedial activities as preventives to be on the safer side.