Monday, January 4, 2016

Mantras and yantras and anushthan

Upayas to conquer karmic deficiencies are of four types called Vachak that deal with speech, Mansik that  involve the mind, Kayak referring to the body and Tantrik that use external objects. Further, Satvik remedies include rituals like mantras and yantras, yagna and anushthan. Rajsik methods deal with gemstones and daan (charity). Tantrik systems work with herbs and chanting of mantras.

Most people are in a great hurry in the 21st century in the world of instant everything. Tantra Anushtans aim to work quickly. A Vrat combines different practices and is called an anushthan. Faith and concentration are crucial. After analysis of horoscopes, the various rituals are specified according to time and place. The purpose is to prevent harmful cosmic influences and anushthans wield great power.