Monday, May 16, 2016

Veda with Right-handed Tantra and Left-handed Tantra

Atharva Veda is like Tantra, and it defines as Karma Kanda which is also known as rituals of
flame penance. Upanishads speak to an attempt at recouping the Jnana or information bits of the Vedas, the Brahmanas speak to an attempt at strengthening the custom part of the Vedas, and the Tantra Shastra speaks to an attempt at saving and extending the elusive or the mysterious part of the Veda. Tantric Gods like Vedic Gods have two fold signs. One section is physical like water, flame and so on. One is momentarily like if blemishes are effective in a horoscope fire component gets to be augmented inside of his body. He turns into the legend of flame or incarnation of flame god. Along these lines, Kumara the child of master Shiva who has most extreme flame component in his body is considered as flame god in a few psalms of Veda.

The Veda contains inside of every information of life. It in this way represents, and recognizes, the presence and methods of left-handed tantra. It doesn't cover its head in the sand, however holds all learning out to the light of day. It's basic for individuals to legitimize a left-gave tantric procedure by indicating out, "It's in the Veda Tantra." Please recall that what is in the Veda can be great, terrible, solid, unfortunate, developmental, or dangerous. Because you are hot-wiring an auto, doesn't mean you are rising above the laws of material science.