Monday, September 4, 2017


Our predictor and the great astrologer Mr. Rajkumar Sharma introduce about kundalini and says that the the word kundalini has come from the word Kundali, kundlini is in our body that have three powers and also indicates the knowledge that our body have from birth. Here the term knowledge is not only for education, but it is for the divine powers that we carry out or got from the god.

It is known that we have 72000 nerves in our body for flowing of energy that controls, maintains and gives the power to every organ. In these, Sushumna, Ida and pingala are three main nerves. Ida is connected with mental energy and this is placed in the left part of the body. Pingala is connected with life energy and this is placed right part of the body. Sushumna is placed just between both of them and it helps in concentration and meditation.
How to activate Kundalini?  

It can be activated only with the help of mantras, meditation, by purification of mind and body and pure surrender toward god without having any kind of greed.

There are two main pillars of Tantra Sadhna, first is Body and second is Soul. And the meditation is a link that can connect these two pillars. In our physical body, there are also six bodies that are present in the form of seed and all of them have their own center, these centers are called cycle(Chakra). Same as this, every Chakra (cycle) is called the center of seed (Beej) of each body.
  • Each body is connected with the starting 7 years of life. In these years, physical body develops, but not all. That is why, feelings, knowledge and some other things not develop at all. 
  • In next seven years, feelings develop into the body and all the desires are combined into it. 
  • Third is mind (meditation): body is a place where all the thoughts and knowledgeable things develop.  Body is very important, as said above that meditation is a link to connect the soul to body or body to soul. In our body, we have a infinite power that if we activate and develop these powers then we shall be able to contact anyone without speaking our thoughts.

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