Thursday, September 26, 2019

How to Know Your Ishta Devata

Summary: It is most important to know our god (Ishta Devta). Ishta devata is the god which guides to our life to the way of moksha and self-realization.

How to Know Your Ishta Devata

The deity literally means worshipping the deity fact. Ishta devatas are responsible for opening the way of disclaimer to the native. The soul is deathless, and it travels to this mortal world many times, in various physical bodies, to get rid of the Karma Chakra and attain exemption. 

God help us to attain exemption and come out of the endless cycle of life and death. The worship ofIshta Devta not only ensures that the person’s entire life is well guided, protected and cared for but it also ensures that the person is moving towards the way of ultimate discharge. By studying the native birth chart it is possible to know one’s Ishta Devta. 

Step1: As mentioned earlier, Attamaraka is the planet that attains the maximum degree in the birth chart.

Step2: See what amount (sign) is occupied by Atmakaraka planet in Nawansh, which is occupied by the Atmanakaraka planet, is called Karkamasha.

Step3: Note which planet occupies the 12th house or sign from KarKamasha is empty (it means there is no planet are occupied it). We have to see its suzerainty to know the Ishta devata. I am putting down a list of deities that correspond to different planets and can gods (in relevance to Ishta Devata, Dharma Devata, Kul Devata, Pallan Devata).

Among all the different deities, it is said to be Vishnu, who is capable of attaining salvation as he holds the Sudarshana Chakra and uses it exclusively for that purpose.

Worship of suitable Vishnu incarnation as a Vishnu incarnation as a Vishnu deity is generally recommended to attain salvation and ease the obstacles in life in general. Those various incarnations of Lord Vishnu and the planets associated with them are listed in Brihat Parashar Hora Shastra.

In order to attain final salvation, one should worship the presiding god. The Ishta Devata is to be worshipped daily with proper mantras and associated rituals. The important thing while worshipping Ishta Devata is selflessness. While performing the puja one should not ask for anything, but should offer oneself completely to the holy feet of the god.

These were somewhat difficult, but now it is so easy to know our God through any astrology. They can tell you the complete details of their astrological system.

Now it is easier just because of social sites. So, you can also know your god Freefrom online. It is as easy as your daily conversation. All you have to do is go to the astrology site and them there you will see the description of your god who will appear on the site.

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Tuesday, September 3, 2019

Destiny, Karma and Science of Astrology

Summary: This article is about my thoughts about karma, astrology and luck/fate. In this article we know how is Destiny created? And what is the role of karma and astrology?


All those actions and time have a combined result. Destiny is destined for karma, which is destined for fate, but fate can be changed for karma.

Good rites result in good fortune, similarly bad actions result in bad luck. Some people say that the reason why we have the concept of our past life and influence of past actions on the present life and present action is because our present depends partly on our past and its seems that we work a lot today but fatigue. Due to stress, we sleep and get the result of the karma the next day, similarly we died and will get the result in the next life. But it is not for tasks that produce immediate results, only for tasks that do not produce immediate results.


Sanchit Karma

The collection of deeds that we have known our past lives unconsciously. These accumulated deeds are responsible for the effect of time in future life, which means the influence of planets and stars.

Prarabdha Karma

 These karma isPresent life Karma which is fixed due to the effect of accumulated Karma. These deeds are also our destiny because they are the result of accumulated Karma. They cannot be changed, we have to experience its consequences.

Kriyamaan Karma

Kriyamaan Karma is the Karma we do in present life and we can change it, but it also depends on our past karma because our nature is dictated by our surroundings and these environments means our form, parents, Siblings, house and others.

Agamil Karma

There is a collection of all verbs that we will do in the future, the forward Karma depends on the mixer of fate Karma and Kriya Karma.


Astrology manual us to a better life, it helps us understand our true deeds for which we are born here, it helps us to cut down the problems of our life and change the destiny to some extent.
Starting in the early centuries of the Common Era, new systems centered on Vishnu, Shiva or Shakti emerged. In Buddhism, the Vajrayana tradition is known for its Tantra Mantra system of thoughts and practices.

Bagalamukhi Devi is provides countless benefits for all around protection from diseases, chronic problems and accident.

Horoscope solutions discover life prediction and remedies on all aspect of your life which is based on your date, birth and death.

Black magic is a practice of using energy to manipulate and install negativity in the victim. The use of energy to harm others who are innocent is nothing but black magic.

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Friday, August 2, 2019

Our solutions are more complete because they are blend of Astrology and Tantric

Summary: Get everything okay in your life and get valuable suggestion for getting unwanted powers off to you. Make your family happy and safe from unwanted and unknown powers.

In the world of uncertainty, people are finding the best way of living and getting rid from their problems. Thousands of reasons that are pushing them back to the pains and aches of minds and giving them the negative thoughts by the power of evil have arrived in the lives of people. They don't deserve it but because of the power of evil, they have to suffer with this kind of problems. For the solution of these things, people are finding the peace of their minds and want to know why they have to suffer with these problems.

In modern astrology, lots of things are done with the help of Tantra and its ideas. We are one of the people who give you the traditional solution of these things. You will able to know what is going on in your life and you will able to get the solution of your done mistakes. In Indian tradition, you have the opportunity of getting the remedies of unknown facts and things to science that affects the lives of the people and giving real pain related to their family and personal life. It also affects your business as well as your professional life. You have to know the reason behind it. There must be an evil working behind it and if you don't determine it, you will not able to kick it out.

We are one of these companies who have experienced tantric and scholars who have the knowledge to fight against the power of evil and give you the real protection from God. It not only solves your older mistakes but also fills happiness in your upcoming life and in the lives of your children. Get useful and valuable solution that gives you more success in your business; remove all the distractions that were coming in the way of your family and you. Get promotion in your professional life and live the life with happiness. Get the things that you deserve and know what should be done for the mistakes that you have done in your past life.

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Monday, July 1, 2019

Solve your problem with Jyotish Shastra, Divine awareness and knowledge

Summary- Many hurdles we found in our life those we cannot understand. In those situations, we need different kind of solutions to solve those problems easily.

There are also many problems those are unable to solve with easy methods. In such situations, we use some different kind of things those are supernatural and unbelievable.

In case if you are going to solve a problem and gets a new problem just in solving the old one, you get puzzled. In such moments, you need a helping hand that can show you the right path to go to a right direction. These all powerful solutions can be done with Jyotish Shastra, and you can now get
the right solutions for your problems in accordance with your troubles and hurdles. We shall not only shoot your problems from your life, but also will stop them to enter in your life again. So, you will not have any further problem with same situations.

Shastra Knowledge not only helps in finding out the present problems, but this will also help you in finding an upcoming event and solving them before it may take place in your life. So, you would have a happy and perfect life. Divine awareness and knowledge provides a platform which may provide you the better knowledge about your problems and their solutions. Now, this can be easily solved with our Jyotish tantra and there you will see the smooth life after using the Jyotish powers.

Our helpful solution will surely stop your problems those are occurring in your life. This will surely shoot your troubles and provide you perfection in your life. So, you should to ask us about any solution before you take a step forward in any Right/Wrong direction, because we shall make it much easier for you to fix out the problems those are coming from a divine power.

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Monday, June 3, 2019

Role and Importance of Ishta Devata in Astrology for Worship

Summary: Feel blessed by worshiping your ista detav and we should always thank to the almighty God for giving us the life.  Ishta devata in astrology helps to know more about your ishta devata puja.

Who has created this beautiful world, all natural things, and also the human beings? And the answer is almighty God. So, it’s our duty to thanks the god by showing the respect, believe and devotion towards our great creator. In India there are several custom and culture. In every culture worship is the part of the morning routine. Early morning in every culture people use to worship their ishta devata or kul devat or devi. Ishta devata in astrology shows believe in specific God or Goddess that is called their ishta devata. They believe that by doing the puja of Deities they will achieve the blessing of God or Goddess.  As per our Hindu philosophy “Bhakti mai Shakti” means people trust in God prayer or worship.

What is worship?

Actually what is worship? Offering of a material object like garlands diyas and sweet as Prasad or bhog, and singing bhakti geets or bhajan to impress our kul devta or devi. No all these are only just aids of worship. In any culture God never wants show off; the main thing is trust on that great creature of this world.  The prayer brings the worshipper and the worshiped more close when done properly. It’s all about the thinking of mind or the body, or the feeling to the god. Puja when done correctly leads oneself toward deity.

Ishta Devata In Astrology

According to Indian tradition in every human life there should be four main aims Dharma, Artha, Kama and Moksha. People has to pass through from the above four phases of the life. To achieve all the goals we have guided to worship various devtas and among all devtas, the Ishta Devta is the main. But to worship the foremost Deity everyone at least should know their Ishta Devta. Than only, God can bless one with good path through life. Usually people come to know about their Ishta Devta or devi through their ancestors. But, those who don’t know them they can take help of Astrologers or professional ones to know about the kul devta or devi.

Ways to worship

Varied culture has varied way of worshiping to their deity. But in India, there are basically two ways to worship god – “one is through chanting proper mantras and another by doing simple puja with pure heart and belief”. Some people believe on Nirgun Nirakar brahma means the God is formless.  In vedas also atma is main and will be never ending means amar but whole body will die out one day.  In the other hand, we have given supremacy or value to an idol also. We have given the shape and a form to the god by making an idol for prayer and worship.  Some people have faith that manmade god may provide instant delight, but nothing that is permanent.  It is all up to our belief and way of trusting. The main thing is worship to get pleasure and showing faith towards our creator. Never forgive to thank our creator.

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Feel blessed by worshiping your ista detav and we should always thank to the almighty God for giving us the life.  Ishta devata in astrology helps to know more about your ishta devata puja.


Saturday, April 20, 2019

Be safe from unseen powers of evil with the best services of Horoscope and astrological tools

The world is uncertain and there are a lot of things being not in control of your hands. You can fight with the things that are visible but what about invisible powers? These are something that common people even don’t know about. There are thousands of invisible powers being around you and sometimes giving you a hint of their existence too. You might not consider them or might be ignoring them but this doesn’t mean that they are not there. Sometimes, this becomes devastating to give you a hint of finding how things are going to be done in the same manner. There are thousands of people who prefer making their works done in the shortest time possible.

Horoscope Matching is one of the astrological tools that are being in trend in the modern world. If you are taking these services from professional astrologers, this is going to work with the extreme effects at the same time. You don’t have to worry more about how you are going to make things greater without being troubled. Astrology is the best power that can make you protected from the powers of evil. Devagya is also considered in such tools that give you protection from the powers of evil.

Does it worth to pay for astrological tools?

Before you find a professional astrologer, you must have faith in upasna and siddhi. These are some of the major beliefs that you must consider before you make sure to take advantage of finding how things are going to work for you. Blessing from God is the tool for your family is their aim.

Jyotish site can help you find the best astrology tool at the same time. Baglamukhi Jyotish Tantra is helping a lot of people to find their perfect air in their life so it could be made peaceful and happier. Tantra is one of the basic tools for these professional astrologers that can help them in a great manner without giving them any trouble.

This is something that let you be protected from the unwanted eyes of evils and give you the protection of their tantra and mantra. For normal people, it can be too late in finding whether everything is okay or not but with their professional tools, this can be the best idea to find it. Prediction is also done with their professional ways so you are going to make it perfect at the same manner. Horoscope is the symbol for upcoming events in your life that they can read easily and tell you what the things are going to happen in your life. They have a solution for troubles that are going to appear in your life so you could be safe at the same time. They are there to give you a safe side from black magic and deliver you the protection for your family at the same time.

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Thursday, February 21, 2019

Does it really serve you to go with Jyotish Tantra? Find out how

Summary: With the effective Tantra, people are removing the troubles in their minds and being in the perfect solution of the things at the same time.

Astrology is something that can tell you about what is going on in your current life and you don’t have to worry more if you are not aware of such things. With an effective Jyotish Tantra, you can analyze what the things are going to be done with you in near future. It can give a devastating and huge effect on your life and let you feel better from the upcoming things coming in life. This is helpful in many ways like if you are having the trouble related to your health, this can help you eliminate the effect of evil and give you relief.

From some professional astrologers, there are some activities done along with some special Mantras so they could show their effects and let you be safe from the upcoming dangers. Jyotish Tantra is always a better choice by you so you could feel better while being with these professionals. Whether you are looking for your personal life solution and even can’t get rid of such things, these activities are really helpful. You might have heard about the people who use to be afraid or in a depression so you need to think more about this. This is always a better response in the same manner.

Jyotish Tantra is effective against the enemies so if you want to do something indirectly, you can take help from such professionals and make your works better in the same manner. These are really effective for your activities and let you have better growth in your business at the same time. Going online is always better support for you that let you make your lives even enjoyable at the same time.

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Monday, January 28, 2019

The right way to know the details of your life with the ancient science of astrology

Summary: Vedas are helpful in getting information about the lives and also helpful in making your
life smooth with a very ancient science known as Indian Vedic Astrology. This may also help people
in knowing the upcoming events of life with the help of positions of stars, planets and other celestial

What Are Vedas?

According to our ancient science, it is said that the stars and planets can effect in our personal lives and we cannot get out of a problem if we don’t follow the techniques told in Vedas. As Vedas are most powerful and knowledgeable books which have the knowledge about all the celestial bodies (Sun, Moon, Planets, Stars, Meteors, Asteroids and so on), livings and non-living (each and every creature of the earth and all types of stones, gems, gold, silver etc.).

The importance of Vedas

These books not only tell people about things but also can be informed about the effects of the things. The human being was always a curious living and we always want to find something, whether it matters with us or not. So, Vedas have the knowledge and information whatever we want to know.

• Actually people want to know the new things and Vedas help them to know, each and every sentence is written in Vedas have a lot of information, and when it comes to knowing about our future and also about some information that can help us to improve our lives.
• We believe that particular energy is everywhere which has controlling power. This invisible energy or Ishwar/ Bhagvaan (God in Hindu Religion) have the controlling power of each and everything of this universe, and we can know about the Ishwar only if we can understand Vedas.

Understanding God through Ancient Books

As we already know that this universe is made up of billions and billions of galaxies, one galaxy is made up of billions and billions of stars like sun (many of them have solar systems same as ours), one solar system contains many planets, planet contains billions of creatures and each of multi-cellular creatures have billions of cells. So, Hindu Religion always sees the things from micro to macro level.

Same as this example, we have to understand all these things to know about the prime soul which made it all. Now, comes a the point. As we cannot understand these all things, but we can have knowledge about some of these, and this knowledge will not only help you in understanding a little of god, but you will also have the knowledge of some upcoming events.

How to know upcoming events?

Usually, we want to know our life problems, but science never gives us an answer about a future incident, but Vedas have. You can know upcoming events related to your life and also can solve if a problem arises in future. Indian Vedic Horoscope may help you in such conditions.
As we all know that Indian Vedic Horoscope is the most ancient way of astrology and this helps in describing the details, characteristics, behaviour, and life events of a person just by knowing the positions of stars and the knowledge of birth sign, and also helpful in knowing the current and upcoming events.

Knowing the Vedas Means Knowing Everything

If we talk about Vedas, there are billions and billions of facts that will force us to think that how many things are there in-universe that we did not know. Now, it can be a helpful source to know the facts and knowledge about the things, and when it comes to making your life smooth and perfect, you must see toward Vedas once.

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