Wednesday, June 29, 2016


As it is known to all that India is the top most country where astrology developed and if we see about the traditions, cultures, rituals, customs of India are totally based on it. In the ancient time everything was totally depended on astrology, people has the knowledge about future that what is about to be and they were get ready for that, for instance, if any incident like drought was about to be happened they were ready to face, because they had the knowledge about the movement of stars, and it has been proved by science also that all natural activities are the reason of stars movement.
In this way, Indian Astrology has very wide range and somewhere it is the base of modern science as well, because whatever inventing is based on Indian astrology, like invention of missiles or knowledge about the movement of all stars like Earth, Sun etc. it is the result of Indian astrology only.
 There are many astrologers in India who provide Indian Best Astrology, with great experiences and complete knowledge, they try to solve our problem as easy as possible and in best way. As we know that India is the father of astrology and there are many books and other medium available which help us to get the proper knowledge of astrology that is why there are many institutes and schools where this is taught. Many students and tourists come here to observe this quality and somewhere because of this quality India is known as Dharma guru in the world.

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