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How to Know Your Ishta Devata

Summary: It is most important to know our god (Ishta Devta). Ishta devata is the god which guides to our life to the way of moksha and self-realization.

How to Know Your Ishta Devata

The deity literally means worshipping the deity fact. Ishta devatas are responsible for opening the way of disclaimer to the native. The soul is deathless, and it travels to this mortal world many times, in various physical bodies, to get rid of the Karma Chakra and attain exemption. 

God help us to attain exemption and come out of the endless cycle of life and death. The worship ofIshta Devta not only ensures that the person’s entire life is well guided, protected and cared for but it also ensures that the person is moving towards the way of ultimate discharge. By studying the native birth chart it is possible to know one’s Ishta Devta. 

Step1: As mentioned earlier, Attamaraka is the planet that attains the maximum degree in the birth chart.

Step2: See what amount (sign) is occupied by Atmakaraka planet in Nawansh, which is occupied by the Atmanakaraka planet, is called Karkamasha.

Step3: Note which planet occupies the 12th house or sign from KarKamasha is empty (it means there is no planet are occupied it). We have to see its suzerainty to know the Ishta devata. I am putting down a list of deities that correspond to different planets and can gods (in relevance to Ishta Devata, Dharma Devata, Kul Devata, Pallan Devata).

Among all the different deities, it is said to be Vishnu, who is capable of attaining salvation as he holds the Sudarshana Chakra and uses it exclusively for that purpose.

Worship of suitable Vishnu incarnation as a Vishnu incarnation as a Vishnu deity is generally recommended to attain salvation and ease the obstacles in life in general. Those various incarnations of Lord Vishnu and the planets associated with them are listed in Brihat Parashar Hora Shastra.

In order to attain final salvation, one should worship the presiding god. The Ishta Devata is to be worshipped daily with proper mantras and associated rituals. The important thing while worshipping Ishta Devata is selflessness. While performing the puja one should not ask for anything, but should offer oneself completely to the holy feet of the god.

These were somewhat difficult, but now it is so easy to know our God through any astrology. They can tell you the complete details of their astrological system.

Now it is easier just because of social sites. So, you can also know your god Freefrom online. It is as easy as your daily conversation. All you have to do is go to the astrology site and them there you will see the description of your god who will appear on the site.

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