Friday, August 1, 2014

Types of kaal sarp yog and remedy

Anant Kaal Sarpa Yoga - When Rahu in the first house in horoscopes Ketu in the seventh sense Kalsarpa fault is generated . In this yoga native is cheated by own family members, do not take the decision from the brain and use their heart to make decisions. Life is troubled until the middle age. They get opportunities only for survival . They are always under the influence of woman means they make decisions  always  according to them. After middle age they find some relief. They can suffer from the diseases of the mouth and throat. Their life is uplifted because of the cooperation and the fall is due to non-cooperation of females. They work according to their mood and like independence.

Kulik Kalsarpa Yoga - Rahu in the second house, Ketu in eighth house make KULIK Kaal Sarpa Dosha. These Jatakas suffer from secret diseases, wealth and family issues . They always need to do remedy for these problems in some or other form. They get quickly affected by the evil eye, which is why their development is affected. There is the problem also with these persons that they do not understand who is who is their friend and who is foe. Still they try to live happilly and let live others. They have  nature of accumulation of funds . The house and the family remains upset because sourness of speech.

"Vasuki kaalsarp dosh is made when Rahu is located in third house and ketu is in eigth house of the horoscope. Such Jatakas are hard worker , like discipline and have helpful nature. They do not say much about their problems. These are people who always support truth. They do not get support of family which keeps their mind distressed. Though they get support from outside. These persons have the potential to do great things. They get fame and respect but faces worries from brother's side. Vasuki Kalsarpa Native do not get help from fate which leads to irritability in nature. Often with them bizarre events happen."

Shankhpal Kalsarp Yoga - Rahu in fourth house and ketu located in Tenth house affects life to a great extent.Disaggrements from parents, staying away from home, liking for vheicles, not sticking to any profession will and live in search of independent business becomes their nature. Sometimes they loose confidance from self. They are unable to share their pain with anyone . Their friends are selfish of nature mostly. There is high chance of getting infected with toxic bacterias. In some cases chances of suffering from cancer is more than any other yoga. Their enemies keep eye on their property. In spite of making good property comfort from son or daughter ususally they do not get. Their financial condion do not remain stable. In family and society they find difficulties in maintaining principles.

"Padam kalsarp yog is formed when Rahu occupies fifth house and ketu is located in eleventh house. These natives are intelligent and loving of nature. They are never satisfied with their earnings. Their expectations and desires remains high always. Their relationship with prestigious and senior people sees ups and downs. If these native have their first child as son , than some trouble from elder son is always there.Under the control of desire they keep on doing unnecessary expenditures and face situation of defamation and other troubles."

Mahapadam kalsarp yog - This dosha is made when Rahu is situated in enemy house and ketu is placed in house of expenditure. These native face more of problems related to mind / psychology. People repeatedly try to humiliate and strive to put down but these natives do not get afraid and face the situation as per their capacity.

Takshk kalsarp yog - This yoga is made when Rahu occupies seventh house and Ketu First house. These yoga affected native always struggle for family , money and self respect. Sometimes bored with life they even try to leave the household responsibilities. They get cheated by every one , even own spouse breaks the trust.They are unable to enjoy their success because of not having the grace of God and in their heart fire of dissatisfaction keeps them burning.

Paatak kalsarp Yog - When rahu is in tenth house and Ketu is in fourth house binds all the planets, this makes Patak Kalsap Dosh . These natives always lack happiness from marital life and family life. They also do not get benefit from ancestral property. Either from job or Son only one comfort they get in Life. These native always struggle with time. They have high chance of suffering from lung heart or breathing related problems. They always live under the obligation of people and debt.

Vishakt Kalsarp Yog - Eleventh house placed Rahu and Ketu in fifth house , when bind all the planets than Vishakt named dosha is formed. Native gets only one comfort among the education , Son or Children. Because of uncontrolled emotions and generous nature they face lot of problems in life. They do not live for self only but they live for others too. They suffer from the diseases whose effect are long lasting like ulcer,  diabetes etc. Problems from family side especially from elder brother's side keep them troubled. Though they are ready to help any one but get especially worried for elder brother and try to find out way to help them.