Know about Spiritual Awakening - Bagulamukhi Jyotish Tantra

Summary- This is a great way to meditate a lot and talk to God. So please note that we call these awakenings "Jagran" because they seem sudden and yet they never complete immediately.

What is awakening, if it is not an experience? It is a change that recreates every way you experience. There may or may not be an experiential element to this paradigm shift, but it does not matter. There is nothing to write home about (which is much more common), along with fireworks and awakening, which are where they land you. In this blog you will know about Spiritual Awakening.

How do you become a Spiritual Person?

How do you become a Spiritual Person

But where is it? In Western discourse, awakening has been wrongly articulated with 'enlightenment' that compels some sort of mystical download of knowledge or knowledge. 

While spiritual discourses may appear as if the awakened person knows something - or has something - the unknown person does not, this is actually the other way around. 

Awakening forces you to lose something - in particular, your deeply conditioned beliefs about who you are and what the world is and is not achieving anything. Awakening 'is a metaphor in itself. 

Since no human language has enough words for this paradigm shift, we (teachers of Asian spiritual traditions) use the metaphor of waking up from a dream because it feels so. These are the ones I was able to identify, presented here clearly and without jargon.

Know about Spiritual Awakening

Know about Spiritual Awakening

Waking up outside the socially constructed self: It is out of the belief that your thoughts, memories, self-portraits, or 'stories' define you, describe you or describe them. In other words, waking up from a dream that the content of an idea has nothing to do with who (or what) is fundamentally. You are very likely to regard spiritual awakening as a myth, a carrot that wants your money is in danger by a guru.

Waking up with conceptual overlays - that is, not projecting your concepts on things. This is a natural extension of # 1 above. Most people take a long time to work out of the habit of conceptual / explanatory overlays, But if one takes this realization to its terminus, it inevitably happens:

Waking up from a dream of separation. By completely proving that things (and people) are separate from themselves, you awaken to the truth of uninterrupted unity with all of that. Although this special edition / phase of awakening is often glorified, In reality it is not mysterious or anything; It's just seeing clearly without the conditioned brain filter. You do not achieve unity; you experientially recognize that you have never been separated from anything.

What does it mean to feel spiritual?

What does it mean to feel spiritual

Rising above belief in objective reality, here is defined as the imagined existence of an observer-independent universe of material objects with independent ideas. It is very difficult and nuanced to explain here, and the experience as it was (rather than a concept) certainly sounds strange.

So you see, referring to my earlier blog post, Matthew Rensky missed the point when he said that the word 'awake' doesn't add anything to the statement "you can wake up and still be a jerk , Or you can wake up and integrate " Because spiritually, without awakening, there is nothing to integrate. 

It is perfectly situated in raw intimacy with everything, free from the need to understand or interpret it, and free from the impulse to accept or reject it. (Including your own thoughts!).  

Awakening to integrate with all its other stories is not just another interpretation of reality.  It is the process of integrating these stages of awakening which is life-changing at best.