There is light in darkness, You just need to Embrace the Darkness to Unfold the Light

There is light in darkness

If you feel like you are just now coming out of a very dark tunnel where your mind had a rest, you have probably been the Scorpio Goddess’s guest in her enchanted home, the unknown. When the Scorpio Goddess arrives, she is so mesmerizing and captivating, that you are willing to leave your left brain logic at her entry, much like you take off your shoes when entering into some people’s earthly homes.

Osmosis the Unknown

For a full lunar month, your right brain intuition just osmosis and absorbs the unknown until you feel full.  The Scorpio Goddess then instructs you to take several deep breaths, allowing you to receive even more of the mysterious dark energy. It was not a time of making sense of what is happening within your consciousness, but just permitting the sensual unfolding that is taking place in a most mystical dominion.

Dark is Really Light

Dark energy is really a misnomer. It’s actually light that has been absorbed, reflecting nothing back.  In your journey into the unknown, you’re actually touching into light.  Then you bring back with you that part which is ready to be manifested in the physical realm.  Opportunity awaits you as the implementer.

Inclusive Love

After Scorpio, it’s my time on the zodiac cosmic stage, as I follow the Scorpio Goddess.  I’m the Sagittarius Goddess.  You could think of us, all the Zodiac Goddesses, as cosmic sisters.  Staying separate belonged to the patriarch era whose energies continue to be withdrawn, opening up the space for the matriarch civilization to continue to descend with her most inclusive energy of Love.

Magnetic Pull Inescapable

My cosmic sister, the Scorpio Goddess energy, is most intense as it has a magnetic pull to it that is inescapable. Her destiny is to help you experience that which is beyond your outer senses, and look further and deeper that what is already manifested in the physical realm.  She assists you in awakening to other realms within your consciousness that are just begging you to discover.

Inner Realms Holds Secrets to Mysteries

My energies are three; one is this same penetrating energy of the unknown that the Scorpio Goddess revels in, irresistible light.  That’s why the Scorpio Goddess and I have such a bond, we both know it’s the inner realms that hold the secrets to the mysteries of your outer life. We also know that this dark matter energy encompasses the next steps of evolution that are just waiting to be touched into and then manifested for the benefit of all consciousness.

Leo, Sagittarius and Aquarius

My second energy that I embody is “scientific reasoning”, the same energy that the Aquarius Goddess fully exemplifies and is radiating twenty four hours, seven days a week establishing the Aquarian Age which will continue for the next 2100 years. While the Aquarian Goddess is permeating all the Zodiac Goddess’s, there are two of us, the Leo Goddess and myself that embody this “scientific reasoning” purely without being filtered through other energies first.  When it’s our time on the zodiac stage, we greatly amplify the Aquarian Age energy.

Infusion of Heart Energy

Actually there’s been an infusion of heart energy into the scientific reasoning energy now that the Goddess of Love is ushering in the matriarch civilization of inclusive love. Instead of scientific reasoning energy, inclusive love has been added to the equation as it has for all the energies permeating into this sector of the universe.  The label now given to Aquarius’s energy is “scientific heart reasoning.”   Thus, the Leo Goddess and myself have integrated the heart energy as well into the scientific reasoning that we shower you with when it’s our time on the zodiac stage.  Enjoy!

You Embody All Zodiac Energies

What that means is the unknown energy that you embraced with your right brain during Scorpio and also during my time, I then activate the scientific heart energy that resides within you. You embody all the energies of the zodiac, each of us zodiac Goddesses just shine a spotlight on and activate as fully as your consciousness will allow, the energies that we embody.

Have a Good Chuckle

What this looks like in your life is you are now able to comprehend many of the outward events in your life, especially in your relationships with other consciousness. You grasp more of the “bigger picture” or the purpose for many of the events in your life that were puzzling to you.  You may very well be exclaiming “so that’s what that was all about, after all” as you expel a loud chuckle.  After all, you’ve seen the “light” whether you remember it or not with your conscious mind.

Inventions and Ideas Streaming

Also the next step of improvement, both in your relationships and your profession, you experience an awakening.  That’s especially true professionally, if you are involved in any “techy” endeavor.  Inventions and ideas may be streaming into your consciousness.

Light Is On Its Way

How you will approach all of this is most enhanced by my third energy that I personify, the energy of Idealism which says don’t despair, light is on its way.  Actually it’s already here, within you. And, most magically, this light becomes the solutions, the improvements fully utilizing “scientific heart reasoning” energy to any conflict, any situation that you find yourself in.

Voyage Into the Unknown

No longer do you need to feel mired down, you’ve just had a voyage into the unknown, expanding your consciousness with the unfolding of the future.  With scientific heart reasoning, your problems and challenges give way to opportunities just waiting for you to invent.  And my idealism energy gives you the optimism; you become your own futurist, your visionary, which always now includes you.

Relish My Three Energies

Relish my three energies of the unknown; light, scientific heart reasoning and idealism.  They will dissipate any resistance to your future self, your supernatural, glorious self which is quite humorous by the way.   Also, give gratitude to the Scorpio Goddess who took you on a magic carpet ride as far into the unknown as your consciousness would hold, and then enticed you to just a little more of the divine light.